About Us - Power Foods

About Us

Created in 2012 to help transform the western diet, harmful to both humans and the environment alike, by replacing processed foods with fresh and whole foods, taking in consideration the cultural habits and daily routines of each customer.

Filipe Martins, the founder of this concept, with an experience with this kind of functional diet since 2005 as well as extensive studies in chemistry and food technology, has developed our menu of nutritionally complete smoothies. With an incomparable variety of bioactive fruits, vegetables and seeds, these mixtures have proven to be adaptable to every individual’s health and shape goals.

Our vision

A planet in which healthy human beings can live in harmony with the environment.

Our Mission

To eliminate processed foods and to reduce the animal protein intake to a sustainable level for both the planet and the animal well-being.

Our goal

To ensure the adequate intake of fresh and whole foods by our customers and to provide a customized support so that they can exclude the harmful foods and achieve their shape and well-being goals.


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