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Have questions about our program and need support? Consult here the most frequently asked questions and if doubts persist send us an e-mail using the form at the bottom of this page.

As the name tells, it is a program that will help restore your natural balance by eliminating impurities and compulsory eating and, by repairing the organism. It includes 4 smoothies made with fresh and whole fruits, vegetables and seeds for the breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and diner. It also includes a diet plan with many types of teas, snacks, and salads you can have on the side. The 480 ml smoothies are low in calories, but nutritionally complete and very filling.

Considering that the programs have less than 1200 kcal per day and that the smoothies have no processed foods as ingredients, most of our customers lose at leas 3 kgs during the 5 days of the program. However, there are exceptions, difficult to predict, determined by the state of the organism. This program will not lead to lean muscle mass loss, because of its high essential nutrient density. Only the fat burning, fluid drainage and bowel movements account for the weight loss.

Whichever your goal is, the Reset Intensive is always the most recommended to start with because it is the most complete and bioactive, except if you must avoid specific ingredients. The other programs may be an alternative to the Reset Intensive if it does not meet your expectations, which is uncommon.

The shipping of the freshly prepared smoothies always starts on Mondays on the day and time chosen by the customer while placing the order. For addresses less than 50 km away from Lisbon’s city centre, 5 deliveries are made during 5 days, including public holidays, starting at 6 am at the delivery time chosen by the customer. For the rest of Continental Portugal and Europe (including the United Kingdom), the delivery of all the products is done in a single shipment by refrigerated postal service, on the following Tuesday, usually before 10:00, but in some cases, as late as 19:00h. Deliveries to Continental Portugal are free of charge and deliveries for the other European countries have an added cost of 59€ for the airmail service. If the shipping address is further than 50 km from Lisbon, you cannot schedule the delivery on a week in which Tuesday is a public holiday. For more information about deliveries including some alternatives in case the normal procedures do not work for you click here.

AWhen placing the order, the customer can choose between reusable glass bottles or disposable plastic ones. The first option is only available in addresses less than 50 km away from Lisbon’s city centre where our daily deliveries take place. The used, and carefully washed bottles are returned on the following delivery to the courier and on the last day the smoothies are served in 100% recyclable plastic bottles.

As often as you are comfortable with because these programs are nutritionally complete (except for the vitamin B12 which body reserves last for long periods and vitamin D that you get from sun exposure) and ensure the intake of essential foods.

This 5-week program starts with a 5 day Reset Intensive with a complete replacement of the meals with our smoothies, followed by 20 days of diet coaching with only 2 meal replacements (breakfast and lunch or dinner). For the remaining meals, a personalized diet plan is provided, which is suited for all lifestyles, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For the weekend, when you will not have the support of our smoothies, the diet plan will give you the necessary support. This program is only available within 30 km of Lisbon.

Certainly, as revealed by many feedbacks from our customers since 2012. This is because even though the blends are low in calories, they ensure the intake of the essential nutrients including protein and all the essential amino acids. Also, the diet plan provides extra support for customers who have a high intensity physical activity.

Our ingredients are grown conventionally, except for the seeds and spices that are organic. Unfortunately, it would be impossible or extremely expensive to have all our 60 amazingly bioactive ingredients organic.

Considering the programs are nutritionally complete and ensure the intake of essential foods, they are recommended to everyone who is not intolerant or allergic to any of its ingredients. However, if you have a specific health concern you should consult your doctor prior to placing your order. For a detailed technical information of the programs click here.

For safety concerns we do not, under no circumstance, do any customization because it is always subject to human error. Having said that, the celery, cherimoya, hazelnut, walnut, cocoa, cherry, parsnip, chicory, curcuma, asparagus, spinach, kiwi, papaya, passionfruit, cucumber, and grapefruit are only used in the menu 1. The avocado, almond, broccoli, cinnamon, coconut, cauliflower, kale, fennel, apple, pecan, and rhubarb are only used in the menu 2. You can email us to make sure that the week you book your reset to, has the menu you want. All the other fruits, vegetables and seeds are used in all the menus. However, some ingredients, including the ones mentioned above, are absent in the Reset Ultra 800 and Reset Ultra Pump.

Considering it is impossible to get significant and sustainable results in less than 5 days in an organism as complex as ours, be it by any diet or product brand, 5 days is the minimum program duration that we provide. It is extremely rare that anyone regrets following through until the end, so you will certainly be happy with the results!




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