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Weight loss patterns

Power Foods weight loss claims are average numbers gathered from hundreds of evaluations of customers with excess body fat; therefore, they do not apply to the whole population. Our recipes were created in rigorous accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines for weight loss diets that stimulate the burning of excess fat without compromising lean mass. This means that people with a low body fat content will lose very little or no weight and they may even gain weight if they start the program in a state of malnutrition.

During the evaluation process prior to us claiming any results, we saw that many customer results laid outside the average numbers, some losing less than 3kgs and some losing more than 5 kgs. After analysing the profiles of those who lost less than what we claim, these were the most common customer profiles:

  • Women, during the period or when they are about to menstruate, can, in the worst case scenario, maintain their weight
  • Measuring the starting weight before the starting date will lead to results affected by the food intake prior to the beginning of the program
  • Having a height under 165cm can result in as least as half of the expected weight loss, although there are many exceptions
  • Allergic or intolerance reaction to our blends, including symptoms of indigestion and abdominal swelling with a consequent constipation or fluid retention that increases the body weight
  • The response time to the program may be slower for some customers and for them, results may show closer to the end of the program
  • Physical activity may mask the results from the fat burning due to the increase of weight caused by muscle development – if this is your case, measures in centimetres and your wellbeing may be better parameters of evaluation
  • Some pathologies and drugs that interfere with the hormonal system such as hypothyroidism, corticoids and antidepressants may limit the weight loss – that doesn’t mean that you will never achieve your weight loss goals, it just means that the process might be slower so you must maintain a natural lifestyle to see the results
  • If you already had a diet rich in raw and fresh food, the drainage, detoxification and regulation of the bowel movements will be insignificant and these processes can account for up to 75% of the total weight loss

People who fit these profiles may still have great results so you shouldn’t worry too much, but all customers who didn’t have the expected results did fit into at least one of the profiles. However, if the results haven’t met your expectation so far and you don’t fit either of the described profiles, we do recommend that you make an appointment with an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist to try understanding why a nutritionally complete program with less than 1200kcal and proven results is not having a significant effect on your weight.

* Values based on a rigorous evaluation of more than 200 customers with excess body fat.


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