Stages of the Reset Program - Power Foods

Stages of the Reset Program


The vegetables and some of the fruit contained in the blends will cause the lymphatic drainage of retained fluids and toxins and re-establish the bowel movements, which results in a rapid weight loss of as much as 2kgs*. If prior to this program your diet lacked fresh and whole foods, this day may be marked, although not necessarily, by the adaptation of your digestive system to the great abundance of raw vegetables, fruits and seeds provided by our blends. The symptoms go from a mild gastric discomfort, hunger and headaches to the rare extreme of migraines, nausea, vomit, diarrhoea and fever. Usually the symptoms wear off by the end of the first day, but in cases of extremely intoxicating diets, they can extend until the 3rd day of the program.


As the lymphatic drainage finishes, depending on your body fat percentage, the weight loss will be caused mostly by the process of fat burning and it can be between 0,5 and 1kgs* per day. Your body should now be fully adapted to natural foods and you will feel a great improvement of your wellbeing thanks to our bioactive blends, although you may still struggle with some of the flavours. In some cases, some symptoms of detoxification may persist, but mostly headaches for the caffeine addicts. You have to understand that these secondary effects do not mean that the product is not suited to you (fresh fruit, vegetables and seeds are suited to virtually everyone); it only means that your body is highly intoxicated and/or undernourished so it is important that you stay strong and finish this program that has shown adaptation rates close to 100% of our customers in the thousands over the years.


By the end of this day, and in more than 90% of cases, your body should be fully adapted to our blends, including to their flavours and all of the secondary effects should be gone with a net weight loss of at least 1,5kgs*, if you had excess body fat. If you did not have these results, click here to see the probable causes.

If acute symptoms persist, it is possible that you are allergic to our blend of ingredients and you should cancel the program because, even though there will be no refund, continuing may cause more harm than benefits. The odds of this happening are below 0.1% so be careful not to mistake an aversion to the flavours with food intolerance. If in fact our blends are not to your taste, you can face our program as a short-term treatment which is extremely beneficial to your health.


At this stage, the bioactive substances of our blends have already reached all organs and tissues besides digestive system that is much easier to reach, such as the tegumentary and osteamuscular systems, and this results in a feeling of lightness and great improvement in your skin. In the long term your hair and nails will also improve if you maintain the principles of a natural diet after the program.


This is the day when the detoxification process is consolidated and all bad habits are eliminated including compulsory eating and, as reported by many customers, caffeine and nicotine, so you are now ready to begin a natural lifestyle.


Once you finish this program it is important to mantain the achieved balance. For that we offer you our advanced diet coaching plan. If want to have an aditional counceling together with 2 blends per day, you can purchase our diet coaching program.

Beware that all these processes are quickly reversible if you go back to your old habits that brought you to us. Of course, one or two exceptions per week won’t be of significant harm but you must face the harmful foods as the drugs that they really are from now on.

* Values based on a rigorous evaluation of more than 200 customers with excess body fat


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