Terms and Conditions - Power Foods

Terms and Conditions


1. Service

Power Food is a restaurant service that prepares and delivers ready to eat meals, integrated in nutritional programs. The meals are purchased in multiple unit packages with an associated diet plan.

2. Product

The non customisable meals, served blended, are prepared with exclusively vegan ingredients which complete list is available on the website www.powerfoods.pt and is also provided during the purchase. Customers that are allergic to any of the ingredients should not subscribe our programs even if the allergenic ingredient(s) are not used in the specific range of products to be purchased because we do not guarantee the absence of trace amounts of any ingredient of any recipe.

The daily menu is determined by Power Foods and the formulae are reserved and confidential and it reserves the right to change its composition according to the ingredients availability.

3. Packaging

The customer can choose between disposable plastic bottles and reusable glass bottles. If the customer chooses the reusable system, the glass bottles will have to be returned properly washed to the delivery person upon the following delivery to facilitate the bottle recirculation process. The last delivery is always made with plastic bottles. Even though Power Foods ensures the appropriate washing of the bottles before recirculation, if the customer returns them with visible food traces, he will be subject to a 25€ fee and the subsequent change to the disposable plastic bottles. The same fee will be charged if the bottles are not delivered in the following delivery act, except if caused by the accidental breaking of bottles if it doesn’t exceed 2 units. The fine must be paid within 24 horas after which the program will be cancelled with no refund.

4. Delivery service

The blends are sent daily (up to 5 times per week and per program, except on weekends and public holidays) less than 24 hours after production, between 6 am and 12 pm (noon) in the specific time interval chosen by the customer according to the price table. In addresses within 35 km from the headquarters (designated by area 1), deliveries start right on Monday and in all other areas of Continental Portugal (designated by area 2) on Tuesday, with a rarely occurring delay of up to 24 hours (for both delivery areas) with no compensation for the customer. If this stipulated maximum delay is however exceeded, the customer can choose between postponing the program to another week free of charge or cancelling the program with a refund corresponding to the value of the products that were not delivered, but only if he or she has reported the delay through email or SMS within 2 hours after the chosen delivery period has expired. During the week, products for 5 days of program will be delivered regardless of the number of deliveries.

Within the area 1, failing to comply with the solicited delivery time forces the delivery person to make the delivery wherever the customers requests within a maximum distance of 30 km of the original address. If the alternative address is further, the customer will have to choose between waiting for the delivery person or have it delivered the following day. In the area 2, where 8 to 10 am is the only delivery period available, if the customer is absent upon the arrival of the delivery person, either because there was a delay or for any other reason, the delivery will be forwarded to the CTT postal service store corresponding to the customers address, where he can pick the order up at the end of the day or the following day.

In both delivery areas, the customer must always be reachable during the requested delivery period so that the delivery person can contact him or her in case he struggles to find the address. If it the delivery cannot take place, it will be returned to the headquarters  for a second try in case of area 1 or to the nearest CTT postal service store for the customer to pick it up, in case of area 2, with no refund or compensation to the customer.

Except for the 20-day programs, once the program has started neither the address nor the delivery time can be altered, however, the customer can request for a rebooking for another week, if it unexpectedly becomes impossible to carry out the deliveries according to the original booking. This rebooking has an additional cost corresponding to the products already delivered but never less than 25% of the value of the entire program. In the 20-day programs, the rebooking can be requested, even in the middle of the week but it is subject to validation and extra costs associated to the new address and delivery time. In the 5-day programs, address and delivery time can be changed up to 24 hours prior to the start of the program but it is subject to additional costs associated with the new address and delivery time.

5. Diet coaching

Diet coaching is provided through a written diet plan that also includes alternative meal in case of an unexpected interruption of the program. The customer support in case of unsatisfactory results can be requested by the customer via e-mail or telephone.

6. Cancelation, rebooking, suspension and refunds

Except in the event of a terms and conditions breach by Power Foods, the programs can only be cancelled with a full refund or rebooked with no extra costs through a written request (e-mail or SMS) at least 72 hours prior to the booked date. Once this deadline has finished the customer can only request for a rescheduling to another week. The rescheduling has a fee equal to the daily cost of the program but never less than 25% of the program’s total price paid for.

Only 20-day programs can be suspended after they have started, if the program finishes within 6 weeks at most counting from the starting date. This suspension must be between Monday to Friday and it has to be requested by the end of the previous day. If, however, this request is made in the middle of the week, the meals programmed to be delivered on that week will be accounted for even if they haven’t been delivered. Power Foods reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the deliveries of the 20-day programs in case of holidays and with a 72-hour notice via text message or email before the start of the interrupted week.

7. Privacy terms

During the registration process, the necessary details for billing, delivery and the customer’s goals will be requested. These details are protected by adequate software and they will only be shared for the compliance of the law. The delivery and contact information will also be shared with the distributors employed or contracted by Power Foods Ltd. In the case of loss or theft of this information, the customer will be informed so that he can take the needed measures of self-protection, as well as the responsible authorities. The biometric details collected during the evaluations requested by the customer are exclusively for internal use and they will not be shared with any third party other than Power Foods’ qualified employees. The email and contact number may be used for marketing purposes but only for Power Foods Lda products when authorized by the customer. This authorization may be revoked by request through the provided contacts. All the data is stored in Google’s Cloud which can only be accessed by devices owned and registered to Power Foods Ltd. The Google’s terms of privacy for this service can be reviewed at https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2450387?hl=pt-BR.

8. Forum

Any emerging litigations of this contract will be trialed in the Lisbon court system.

Power Foods Lda, e-mail: info@powerfoods.pt, Telephone: (+351) 910098998, Address: Praça Carlos Fabião, 2A, Entrecampos, 1600-316 Lisboa


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